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The Common Treatments of Lupus Nephritis

2016-08-06 17:17

Because medicine treatment can only ease illness, Lupus Nephritis is easy to relapse. Thereby, patient should prepare to accept treatment for long period. And the therapy should be different in different cases.

What are The common treatments of Lupus Nephritis?

Different patients may has different disease condition, and the symptoms are also different. Thereby, the treatment should be made basing on patient’s specific condition. At present, the common therapy is using large dose of steroids combined with the injection of cyclophosphamide, but this is not suitable for all the patient. Doctor should decide the best treatment by patient’s clinical condition and renal biopsy.

In different stages of Lupus Nephritis, the therapies also should be different. When the inflammation in kidney is severe, large dose and combined treatment should be taken, so the inflammation can be controlled. After the inflammation is controlled, little dose and continuous treatment is needed. If not, the lupus is easy to relapse, and the repeated lupus can aggravate kidney damage. And large dose of medicines must cause many complications. So the therapy should be adjusted in time according to patient’s condition, and make a long-term plan, which

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