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Creatinine 446 and Lung Edema, Is There Any Cure For Lupus Patients

2017-11-27 16:08

Creatinine 446 and Lung Edema, Is There Any Cure For Lupus PatientsLung edema would bother the patients’ normal life a lot and make the patients in life danger. And thus, is it related to the high creatinine level or lupus? Is there any cure for lupus patients with creatinine 446? What should we do right away?

First at all, let’s seek our the relation among rash in skin, creatinine 446 and lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. And due to the abnormal immune system, the kidney will be injured owing to many reasons. When the kidneys fail to filter the blood adequately, creatinine level will go up.

Creatinine 446 shows the kidney is damaged badly, various toxins and wastes which can damage kidneys more are gathered in the body, diet changes, etc. In this case, the lung edema will occur as redundant water are assembled in the skin. Besides, other diseases can also lead to lung edema. The patients need to take some examinations to confirm what is the pathogenesis.

And thus, I will introduce some treatments to lung edema induced by kidney damaged.

Above all, remove the water from lung as soon as possible with the help of steroids, dialysis, Toxin-Removing Therapy or other measures. Here I recommend Toxin-Removing Therapy since it not only has less side effects but also is very beneficial for the kidney to recover.

And thus, the patients need to adjust the immune system and recover the kidney function. Otherwise, the lung edema will come out again. Since it has a high risk for the lupus patients to get infection with kidney transplant, and the patients have to take anti-rejection drugs in the rest of their life after transplanted, I prefer the patients to take a natural treatment to recover. How about trying Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is popular in the world and reveal great function of strengthening kidney function effectively and safely. When the kidney is restored, the lung edema will be controlled, the creatinine 446 will be reduced, and the lupus patients can have a high quality life.

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