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Creatinine 6.2 Swelling in Both Legs Can Lupus Nephritis Be Cured

2017-12-12 16:25

Creatinine 6.2 Swelling in Both Legs Can Lupus Nephritis Be CuredCreatinine shows a serious kidney conditions when the lupus nephritis patients suffer from so many discomforts or even life danger. However, can lupus nephritis be cured if there are creatinine 6.2 and swelling in both legs?

What if creatinine 6.2 and swelling in both legs for lupus nephritis?

In a general way, creatinine manifests that various harmful or excess substances are assembled in the body because of the failed kidneys. In this condition, the patients will have some discomforts in the terrible internal environment, swelling in both legs is a common symptom. Besides, lupus nephritis is a secondary complication of lupus (an autoimmune disease), in which the abnormal immune system is not enough strong to protect the patients from cold, virus, infections and so on. So that, it is necessary for the patients to correct the immunity as well as recover renal function if the patients do not want to have dialysis or transplant.

What are natural treatments to lupus nephritis with creatinine 6.2 and swelling in both legs?

Immunotherapy. It combined both the advantages of Chinese medicines and Western medicines to recuperate  the immune system and enhance both the power of immunization and renal function.

Toxin-Removing Therapy. During the treatment, some natural treatments are applied on the strengthen of the patients’ illness conditions to refine human’s internal situation and stop the kidney function as well. Later, system is under the control and the kidney will begin to resume.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It performs a remarkable function of repairing kidney disease by improving kidney function naturally.

Besides, else natural treatments like Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy or other Chinese medicines can take a good effect on treating lupus nephritis and its symptoms fundamentally.

When the kidney is rebuild in a beneficial surrounding, the creatinine 6.2 will lessened, swelling will disappeared, and the patients can live a high quality life without doing dialysis.

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