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Is Broccoli Good for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

2013-10-10 16:43

Is Broccoli Good for Polycystic Kidney Disease PatientsBroccoli is a healthy vegetable. It not only tastes delicious, but also contains high nutrients. Its high medicinal value should not be ignored. Then some patients may ask the question: Is Broccoli good for polycystic kidney disease patients?

Polycystic Kidney Disease patients usually have many symptoms, such as hypertension, bleeding, back pain, kidney stone, urinary tract infection and cysts. The nutrients in the broccoli are helpful for relieving these symptoms.

1. Broccoli contains high vitamin C, which can improve the immune system and detoxification of liver. A good immune system can help patients powerfully fight with infection.

2. Vitamin K in Broccoli can maintain the tenacity of blood vessel and prevent it rupture.

3. With a high amount of potassium, broccoli also contains some other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These substances are able to regulate blood pressure.

4. Flavonoid in the broccoli can not only prevent infection, but also clean the blood.

5. Drinking broccoli soup can help clear heat and resolve thirst. And it is also diuretic and laxative. More urine and shit can carry away more waste, alleviating renal cyst hyperplasia and cyst fluid secretion. Moreover, it can reduce infection and the chance of kidney stone.

8. Active compounds such as glucoraphanin and glucobrassicin, support the whole body’s antidotal process, so as to help maintain a clean internal environment for all organs as well as kidney.

9. The major components have the effect of fighting cancer, because they can stimulate the production of the helpful protective enzyme.

Though broccoli has so many advantages, some patients have to get rid of it if their kidneys have failed to function properly. Overmuch intake of broccoli means taking in a lot of potassium, phosphorus, sodium and so on, which will increase the burden on kidneys.

In order to eat broccoli healthily, you had better consult the doctor firstly. If you want to know more about PKD and its diet, you can contact our doctors online. They are always ready to make a personalized dietary for you.


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