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How Can I Stop Having Pain on My Sides Caused by PKD

2013-11-02 11:49

How Can I Stop Having Pain on My Sides Caused by PKDHow can I stop having pain on my sides caused by PKD? Once being affected by PKD, we may find we always experience pain feeling in our two sides. PKD is a kidney disorder marked by increasing fluid collection in kidney which is clinically called cyst. These cysts become larger and larger if left alone and this can directly cause the decrease of kidney function. Therefore, effective treatment is very important for PKD patients.

What causes pain feeling in sides with PKD?

PKD can cause pain feeling in sides in many ways:

1. Large kidney cyst pull renal capsule where there are nerves and this can cause kidney pain.

2. Kidney cyst burst easily when it becomes very large. With ruptured kidney cyst, we may have pain on sides.

3. Rupture of kidney cyst may trigger kidney infection which is also a cause of pain feeling on sides.

4. PKD is easily accompanied with kidney stone which may aggravate illness condition. We will have pain feeling in kidney location when large stones stuck in kidney.

How can I stop having pain on my sides?

For PKD patients, they suffer from these conditions we mentioned above due to enlarged kidney cyst, so if they want to stop having pain on sides, they need to shrink big kidney cysts and meanwhile stop small cysts from becoming large.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an available herbal treatment that can help to reduce cystic fluid. For PKD patients, their cysts in kidney enlarge due to the increased cystic fluid. Therefore, as long as fluid inside the cyst is reduced effectively, kidney cyst becomes smaller. In this way, further kidney damages can be avoided and also pain feeling on sides can be alleviated fundamentally. Micro-Chinese medicine is not an independent herb, but a combination of different herbs. During the whole treatment process, no side effects or discomforts are caused. Therefore, PKD patients should be relieved about this treatment.

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