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How to Deal with the Big Belly Caused by PKD

2014-01-15 09:08

How to Deal with the Big Belly Caused by PKDHow to deal with the big belly caused by polycystic kidney disease (PKD)? This is a common question for PKD patients, as the big belly or swollen belly is a common symptom for PKD patients, which may affect their daily life and cause some serious complications.

Before we find the treatment to deal with the big belly, we need to first know the reason why PKD will cause big belly for patients.

Polycystic kidney disease is a common genetic kidney disease with numerous cysts on kidneys, and with the progression of PKD, the kidney cysts will be enlarged gradually, and more and more kidney cysts will increase in kidneys, which will cause the enlargement of the kidneys. The PKD patients will get big belly, which make them just like pregnancy.

The enlargement of kidney cysts will also cause some serious complication for patients, such as cyst rupture, infections, fever, and so on. All these will make PKD patients more and more sick, and patients will get a bad prognosis for them. Then, PKD patients should have effective treatment to remedy their enlarged kidneys.

The basic treatment is to shrink the kidney cysts and prevent increase of kidney cysts. Here are two common treatments for PKD patients, one is surgery, and the other is Chinese herbal medicine.

- Surgery:

Surgery is a common treatment on removing the large kidney cysts and help patients reduce their pain. But the surgery can only help to remove the large kidney cysts, and has nothing to do with the small cysts, besides, the removed kidney cysts will give more space for the new kidney cysts to grow. And surgery can also cause infections in kidneys, which will make further damage to the kidneys.

- Chinese herbal medicine

We use Chinese herbal medicine to help shrink the kidney cysts, which can shrink all the kidney cysts and help repair the kidney damage. Besides, the Chinese herbal medicine combined with hot compress therapy, it will cause no side effects on people, and help improve the kidney function.

With the right treatment, the kidney cysts will be shrunk effectively, and the big belly of PKD patients will be get smaller and smaller.

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