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Can PKD Lead to Incontinence

2014-02-19 01:58

Can PKD Lead to IncontinenceSome patients with PKD complain that they have the symptom of incontinence, which draws our attention. We begin to consider that if PKD will lead to incontinence inevitably. Here is our result we conclude after we have researched and analyzed.

Urinary tract infection is the major cause of incontinence with PKD

Urinary tract infection is one of the most main factors that lead to incontinence. Urinary tract infection which is also called acute cystitis or bladder infection means urinary tract is infected by some bacterium literally. Urinary tract infections are one of symptoms in patients with PKD. For normal people, urine is usually sterile. However, when bacterium come into urine and breed, urinary tract infection can occur. And urinary tract infections always start to happen as urine gets into urinary tract. Because of female physical structures, urinary tract infection tends to more possibly occur on females than males.

Why can PKD cause urinary tract infections?

Specific causes of urinary tract infections with PKD are not clear, but what doctors can confirm is closely associated with cyst. Cyst fluids and declined kidney function caused by PKD are the major causes that leads to urinary tract infections.

Can PKD cause incontinence?

PKD can cause incontinence, but it happens just for some patients with PKD. On most occasions, patients with PKD don’t have incontinence.

From the above, we know that PKD leads to urinary tract infection inevitably. Urinary tract infections is very likely to cause incontinence. Infections affect bladders and make patients with PKD have strong feelings to urinate. Sometimes these feelings are very strong to cause incontinence.

When patients with PKD get incontinence, they should treat incontinence as soon as possible to prevent the more severe conditions. And the most basic method is kidney treatment. Patients with PKD need to shrink cyst and make kidney function elevated. Chinese medicines have good effects on improving kidney function, and there are no side effects on patients with PKD. Patients with PKD can alleviate kidney damage and incontinence by treatment of Chinese medicines.

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