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Are There Any Effective Methods for Polycystic Nephropathy Patients with Protein Urine

2017-02-24 17:28

Polycystic nephropathy, as a common kidney disease, is featured as countless small or big cysts located in one’s renal parenchyma. While these abnormal cysts will attack your renal function as well as the filtration function of glomerulus, which may directly cause some big elements such like protein outflow body system through everyday urine. Given all these factors, more and more people under the same illness condition are wondering that: are there any effective methods for polycystic nephropathy patients. In the following contents, the writer will explain your puzzle clearly and give some advisable suggestions.

After years of studies, we found that there are two main reason leading to kidney disease. One is inherent shortage of kidney, another is external attacks. While polycystic nephropathy belongs to external attacks which includes unhealthy eating habit and unfavorable living environment. These two factors will directly lead to heavy metal ion as well as eutrophic substances enter into blood circulation causing blood polluted and inherent cells damaged. Then polluted blood and damaged inherent cells bring a new injury on kidney. Consequently, as long as we recover the polluted blood, offering a healthy internal environment, can kidney regain to operate as usual.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toxin-Removing Therapy has been widely applied in cleaning accumulated toxins out of our body system with the purpose of building a healthy internal environment. Then Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy combined with Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath is used in order to recover renal function. During the progression, the renal doctor will put a bag filled with several Chinese medicines on your low back area for 40-50 minutes. From Chinese traditional medicine’s prospect, each acupoint aims at one organ or tissue, the low back area is aiming at kidney. From this way, can promote blood circulation, vomiting blood vessel, diminishing inflammation. Only by doing so, can renal function recover gradually.

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