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Creatinine 6.5 with Hypertension: How to Enhance Renal Function for One with Polycystic Nephropathy

2017-02-26 16:39

Polycystic nephropathy is one of common kidney disease that features as countless small or big cysts located in renal parenchyma. While these abnormal cysts bring a heavy burden on kidney and as a result kidney’ shape and size changed. Then extended kidney has a negative impact on its inherent cells as well as tissues. Since there are an increasing number of people are suffering from the pains, as a qualified renal doctor, i am in duty bond to figure out patients’ puzzle and help them get away from dilemma.

As for polycystic nephropathy patients, high creatinine level and high blood pressure are the two common symptoms. These symptoms intend to show us a fact that part of renal function is failed to operate. In other word, our kidney is in a situation in which it could not maintain everyday about 40-50 percent blood purification. So how to improve renal function has become the most concerned problem for polycystic nephropathy patients.

The first thing you are supposed to do is to build a healthy internal environment. It is a crucial step for the next treatment more efficiently.

How to build a healthy internal environment?

After perennial studies and clinical practices, Toxin-Removing Therapy has widely applied in cleaning harmful and poisonous substance with the purpose of offering a healthy internal environment. It combines the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and welled operated in practice. In the process, Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Bath will assist the treatment by extending blood vessel, anti-freezing, eliminating inflammation, promoting blood circulation.

How to enhance renal function

Then, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has applied in enhancing patients’ kidney function. During the treating process, renal experts will put a bag filled with Chinese medicines on your low back area for 40-50 minutes. Because each area aims at one acupoint and each acupoint relates to one organ. The area we placed is aiming at kidney and it together with blood circulation enters into body system, then repairing damaged kidney. From this way, can renal function get well repaired.

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