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A Natural Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease without Surgery

2014-01-08 02:48

A Natural Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease without SurgeryPolycystic kidney disease is a genetic kidney disease with numerous cysts occurring in kidneys. And the kidney cysts will gradually increase and enlarge, which will cause further damage to PKD patients. In this condition, the doctors are often recommended to have surgery to treat the enlargement of kidney cysts. However, some patients want to find a natural way to treat PKD without surgery.

There are some conditions for PKD patients who don’t need to have surgery.

1. The cysts less than 3-5 cm

When the cysts are less then 5 cm, and the kidney cysts cause no bad pain and other symptoms, they can avoid surgery. And the cysts are too small, they may need to hae some natural ways to prevent the enlargement of kidney cysts without surgery.

2. Severe complications

When PKD patients suffer from some severe complications, such as heart failure, liver failure or kidney failure, they cant have a surgery to treat their PKD. Because the surgery has a great risk of danger to threaten their lives.

3. Cysts inflammation

The cysts inflammation is also a common symptom for PKD patients, in this condition, they are not recommended to have a surgery, which may cause further damage to patients.

Besides, there are also some other conditions for PKD patients who are not recommended to have surgery, such as the relapses after a surgery, trauma for kidney function and fear of the surgery.

A natural treatment for polycystic kidney disease patients without surgery

From the above, we can see that not all the PKD patients are recommended to have surgery and surgery may cause some further damage to the patients. So, they need to find some natural treatment for their PKD without surgery.

Here we recommend Chinese therapies to treat PKD, which can help PKD patients shrink their kidney cysts, control the symptoms, prevent the complications and improve the kidney function. The Chinese therapies are systemic treatments which contains Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Medicated bath, foot bath and so on.

- Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine use the traditional Chinese herbs to treat PKD. Through the special hot compress therapy, the Chinese herbal medicines can work on kidneys directly, which can help improve the immune system, shrink the kidney cysts and repair the damaged kidney tissues.

- Acupuncture therapy

This therapy can also help shrink the kidney cysts, besides, it can also improve the blood circulation, which can help improve the immune system and improve the kidney function.

- Medicated bath and foot bath

The two therapies also use traditional Chinese herbal medicines, through the bath, the blood circulation will be improved, and the kidney cysts will be shrunk, and the kidney function will be improved.

The application of these therapies will have great improvements on PKD patients. Through shrinking the kidney cysts and improving the kidney function, patients will get rid of surgery forever. If you want to get the detailed treatments for PKD, you can ask the experts online.


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