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Where We Can Get The Donated Kidney And How To Avoid Transplant

2018-08-11 10:22

As a kidney failure patient the first process you should accept is dialysis,that can help you discharge large quantity toxins and metabolic wastes out of your body ,then you can live the normal life in short period,but once you stop the dialysis your health become worse right away, If you want to get rid of dialysis and live the real normal life ,in western medicine you must accept the transplant surgery,but before you do the operation you must look for the appropriate donor firstly.But the chance of finding the donor is little to you.In common situation you have to wait for a long time to queue for the transplant surgery.The key point is that during your waiting time your kidney condition is getting worse and worse ,then you must look for another alternative treatment to improve kidney function.Then you can stabilize the kidney condition and wait for the transplant operation.

A donated kidney may come from someone who died and donated a healthy kidney. A person who has died and donated a kidney is called a deceased donor.

Donated kidneys also can come from a living donor. This person may be a blood relative (like a brother or sister) or non-blood relative (like a husband or wife). They can also come from a friend or even a stranger.

When a kidney is donated by a living person, the operations are done on the same day and can be scheduled at a convenient time for both the patient and the donor. A healthy person who donates a kidney can live a normal life with the one kidney that is left. But the operation is major surgery for the donor, as well as the recipient. As in any operation, there are some risks that you will need to consider.

Therefore even you can find the appropriate donor in time the risk of surgery will also threaten your life ,and after the surgery you have to take the anti-rejection medicines for the rest of your life,that can produce the other side effects to your health,oncemore the new kidney can only live about 7 --10 years commonly ,after the new kidney become failure what you can do for the next step, thus more and more kidney failure patients consider another natural treatment instead of transplant ,that can help them improve the kidney function to live the normal life again and avoid the transplant surgery.If you have similar questions please contact us through the following message:

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