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The Reason Of High Creatinine And How To Reduce It

2018-08-21 09:53

When you have some problems about your kidney you always find that the creatinine level is in high stage.Routine blood tests can measure creatinine levels. A doctor will usually order more than one test to diagnose high creatinine, because some medications, supplements, and foods can temporarily raise the levels of creatinine in the body.

High creatinine levels can also occur as a result of consuming a lot of protein or doing heavy exercise.

If multiple tests show that a person has abnormally high levels of creatinine in their body, it may be a sign that their kidneys are not working properly.

A serious infection may have damaged the kidneys, or the person may be suffering from poor circulation. Reduced blood flow or low blood pressure caused by artery disease or severe dehydration can also damage the kidneys.

People with chronic kidney disease may also show signs of high creatinine.

It is also possible for the filter in the kidney, called the glomerulus, to be damaged. If a person has a high blood creatinine level but a low urine creatinine level, it might be a sign that the glomerulus is not working efficiently.

Certain diseases may also affect the kidney and glomerulus and could lead to high creatinine levels. These include:


-autoimmune disorders, such as lupus

-Goodpasture syndrome



-muscular dystrophy

-blood loss caused by shock

It is essential for everybody with high creatinine levels to work directly with their doctor to take steps towards treating the underlying condition that is causing the problem. It is also a good idea to begin working on reducing the creatinine levels naturally.

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