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What Is The Reason Of Purple Spots And How To Deal With It

2018-09-05 11:04

When you find the purple spots,you are often confused with these symptoms,then as a kidney doctor i will explain the reason of spots to you as following:

Purple spots due to deficiency of spleen and kidney yang: Belonging to the category of ” Yin deficiency spot”. Purple spots occur repeatedly, mostly on the lower limbs. Purple spots are as small as elm seed or millet, light in color but not fused with each other. Accompanied by cold limbs and aversion to cold, loose stool, diarrhea, sallow complexion, cold limbs, dull pain in the abdomen, preference to warm and pressing, moderate mouth, and clear and long urine. Every time you get cold or tired, the symptoms get worse. The tongue is light and the pulse is heavy and thin.

Blood stasis causing purple spots: It is common in such diseases as ” purple black spots”, ” purple marks” . It starts to develop from childhood or adolescence. It has a family history and is slowly progressing. It is purple and purple brown. Blue and purple patches. It often has no systemic symptoms and the skin lesions are smooth on the surface. It can be found on the chest, back, waist, abdomen, limbs, zygomatic, temporal, forehead or eyelid. Purple spots can be hairy or glabrous, tongue can have ecchymosis, and the pulse is astringent or the pulse of the tongue is normal.

Cold coagulation stagnation causing purple spot: Belonging to the category of ” yin deficiency spot”. Purple spots often occur on the face, nose, auricle, and back of hands and feet. They are mostly found in young women. They are serious in winter and light in summer, light in tongue, with ecchymosis, and deep, thin and late pulse.

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