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How Do You Think About The Kidney Puncture For Examination

2018-09-09 10:25

When you have kidney problems you always want to know exactly what kind of kidney disease you have ,then the doctor will suggest you do a test of kidney puncture to verify the name of disease exactly.Though the kidney puncture may produce damage to the kidney parenchyma and easy to get infection in kidney,you must pay more attention to avoid this things happening. Histopathological changes of kidney disease are inconsistent in different stages of development. For example, IgA nephropathy can be pathologically manifested in almost all stages of development from nearly normal renal tissue to most glomerulosclerosis. Therefore, understanding the changes of renal histomorphology provides an important basis for clinicians to judge the disease, treat the disease and estimate the prognosis. It can be said that the renal pathological examination is a leap in the development of nephrology. At present, the results of renal pathological examination have become a gold indicator for the diagnosis of kidney diseases. In summary, the clinical significance of renal puncture examination mainly includes the following points:

( 1 ) diagnosis: The clinical diagnosis of more than one third of patients can be corrected by renal biopsy.

( 2 ) Guiding treatment: The clinical treatment plan of nearly one third of patients can be modified by renal biopsy.

( 3 ) Estimated prognosis: The prognosis of patients with kidney disease can be evaluated more accurately by renal biopsy.

In addition, in order to understand the therapeutic effect or the pathological progress ( such as crescentic nephritis, lupus nephritis, IgA nephropathy, etc. ), repeated renal pathological examinations are sometimes required.

In order to make clear the diagnosis, guide the treatment or judge the prognosis, and when there is no contraindication to puncture, all kinds of primary, secondary and hereditary renal parenchymal diseases ( especially diffuse diseases ) can be punctured.

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