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Some Tips To Help Patients With Kidney Stones Get Better

2018-10-03 09:43

As to someone with kidney stones they must take good care of themselves in daily life.As a kidney doctor I will tell you something to help you avoid kidney stones or improve your kidney condition.As to some patients they can’t eat “calcium” with kidney stones, really?

First, drinking plenty of water is a good way to prevent kidney stones

Drink plenty of water to dilute the concentration of these ingredients in the urine, thus reducing the incidence of stones. This method is especially suitable for people who have a hot and sweaty living environment.

Second, do not deliberately eat less calcium food

If the calcium and oxalic acid are completely separated, more opportunities are created for the oxalic acid to be absorbed by the body, and the oxalic acid content in the urine is increased. As long as calcium ions in the urine are encountered, the formation of calcium oxalate in the urinary system is increased.

Therefore, simply drinking milk, or simply eating high-acid foods, will increase the incidence rate of kidney stone. You should eat vegetables and other oxalic acid-rich foods while eating a proper amount of meat, milk and other calcium-rich foods. Such a balanced diet can help to reduce an important dietary measure for the prohibition of kidney stones.

Third, don’t blindly jump ropes, climb stairs

“The method of squatting is for some people, but there are many exceptions. For example, if the stone located in the lower part of the kidney depends, it will not come down only by skipping rope. Some kidney stones grow in the lower than the junction of the kidney and the ureter. Just like the stone at the bottom of a teapot, if you want to pour the stone out of the spout, you must tilt it to one side. The way to move up and down by simply skipping the rope is useless. ”

At this time, if you want the stone to come out yourself, you should take the “knee chest position”, that is, kneeling on the bed, the chest close to the bed, the buttocks high up, which is conducive to pour the stones under the kidney.

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