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Some Effective Measures To Reduce The High Creatinine Level

2018-09-28 10:41

To most kidney patients what they want to do seriously is how to effectively reduce creatinine,and they think after the creatinine level reduces their kidney condition is becoming better and better,and you must do these things as following:

First, restrict the diet according to doctor’s prescription

For patients with high serum creatinine, it is generally required to have a “three low diet” ie a low-salt, low-fat, high-quality, low-protein diet. The most important thing is to reduce the intake of meat and avoid the production of more creatinine. Second, accelerate the intestinal pathway to remove toxins

After the decline in kidney function, some toxins will be cleared through the intestines. The use of traditional Chinese medicine enema therapy, through the use of certain drugs through the defecation function into the patient’s colon, rectum position, to run through the stomach, diarrhea vomiting turbidity in the intestine, the recovery of lung and kidney function play a rehabilitation role . It will also help the body’s toxin leakage.Then the internal circumstance can be clean to keep the normal acid-base,water and electrolyte balance.

The key point of treating kidney disease is to protect the residual kidney function.

Creatinine is only one of parts of the treatment of the disease, and the ultimate goal is to delay kidney damage, protect residual renal function, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. There are three things to do to protect residual kidney function:

1, Strictly control high blood pressure, control urinary protein

2. Treatment of anemia, calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders

3, To avoid kidney injury factors, such as prevention of infection, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc., do not abuse nephrotoxic drugs.

After you have known these points above then you can do some measures to protect your residual kidney function and furthermore you can consult more information about the treatment of kidney disease to our experts,the following message is our contacting information:

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