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7.8 Creatinine in CKD Is Dialysis or Kidney Transplant Only Option

2014-08-05 09:20

7.8 Creatinine in CKD Is Dialysis or Kidney Transplant Only OptionIs dialysis or kidney transplant the only treatment option for 7.8 creatinine in CKD? After getting asked about this question, we provide the following analysis in details. Have similar doubt? Please read on or consult our online doctor for free and professional advice.

Persons who are diagnosed of 7.8 creatinine in CKD have progressed to end-stage renal disease with loss of most kidney capacity. At this stage, the kidneys are unable to function properly to maintain life. Usually, dialysis or kidney transplant is suggested to help patients stay alive. While, is there any alternative treatment?

In western medicine, there is still not yet an alternative method that can be used to deal with the disease. So many patients are seeking for alternative method in Chinese medicine.

After many years’ study and clinical practice, kidney experts of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital have developed a systematic treatment known as Blood Pollution Therapy.

As a comprehensive treatment, Blood Pollution Therapy combines advanced blood purification techniques with traditional Chinese medicine remedies. Specific methods are chosen according to specific illness situation. If you are interested to know the best treatment plan, please Email us at with your detailed disease information. Our kidney doctors will analyze it and reply you soon.

In case of 7.8 creatinine with CKD, Blood Pollution Therapy can function to clean the blood, eliminate harmful toxins and wastes, improve the blood circulation, repair the impaired kidneys, greatly raise the renal function, and regulate the whole immune system. By doing this, the disease will not deteriorate in the future. As kidneys work better and better, elevated creatinine level can be reduced over time.

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