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Kidney Function of 53% in Kidney Disease What Can It Tells Us

2015-06-13 16:20

Kidney Function of 53% in Kidney Disease What Can It Tells UsWhat can kidney function 53% in kidney disease tells us ? Once you go to for a kidney test, after that the doctor will tell you some related tests result and also the kidney function. But some of people may confused, because they don’t know that can they know from the marks of kidney function. Actually, kidney function can tells us more than the value of it.

From the marks 53% we can know there are remaining 53 % kidney functions can work like normal and the GFR (one of the most sensitive factors in kidney disease) is 53, so from this we can know that the patients now are in stage 3 kidney disease. So that demand the patients to take actions immediately to prevent the disease goes worse, otherwise, the disease may goes to stage 4, even 5, then the patients have to face dialysis or transplant.

How to prevent the kidney function goes down ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most effective therapies of kidney disease, it can help to prevent the kidney function from goes down by repairing the damaged kidney tissues and protecting the residual ones from further damage. In addition, as a kind of external application therapy, it can solve the kidney problem without make further damage to the kidneys.

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