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How Can I Know the Kidney is Shutting Down

2016-12-08 16:28

How Can I Know the Kidney is Shutting DownThe kidneys have functions of filtering wastes and toxins in blood, maintaining adequate fluid levels in body and some other functions. Once the kidneys shut down, patients will suffer from many symptoms.

Then, how can people know their kidneys is shutting down?

1. Decrease in urine output

This is one of the most common symptoms for people with kidneys shutdown, because the kidney filtration rate is decreased, so the urine output will also be decreased. Besides, people will also suffer from a frequent urination at night.

2. Fluid retention

As the shutdown of kidneys, the kidneys cannot function in a normal level, so the excess cannot be discharged from urine timely. In this condition, people will suffer from fluid retention in their bodies, which is also called swelling or edema.

3. Drowsiness and fatigue

This symptoms can be caused by the wastes and toxins building up in blood when the kidneys shutdown, besides, the kidney damage will prevent the produce of res blood cells caused anemia, which will also cause drowsiness and fatigue.

4. Confusion, seizure or coma

For people with severe kidney damage, they may experience the symptoms of confusion, seizure or coma, which is caused by the building up of toxins in blood. And the toxins can affect the function of brain and other organs.

5. Chest pain

Chest pain is mainly cause by the retention of fluid in body, which cause the increasing pressure on heart and the sac that surrounds heart.

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