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Herbal Medications for Dialysis Patients with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

With Stage 4 Kidney Failure, patients still have 15%-29% of kidney function, so most often, dialysis is still not recommended. Only in some cases, patients need to begin dialysis. Since their kidney function is more than 15%, some herbal me...Read More

What Are the Alternatives to Dialysis

What are the alternatives to dialysis? Dialysis is life-sustaining and as of now it is the most commonly used medical methods for ESRD patients; but in reality, many ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients are reluctant to start dialysis at...Read More

Why Do Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Suffer from Itching

Why do peritoneal dialysis patients suffer from itching? Skin itching is a very bothersome symptom. It makes us unable in concentrating on what we are doing. Also, we may have to stay awake all the night as we have to scratch ourselves freq...Read More

Can A Dialysis Patient Come Out of Dialysis

Can a dialysis patient recover his kidney functionality and come out of dialysis? We all know dialysis is used to purify blood by removing wastes out of the body in medicine. Kidney is responsible for filtering and cleaning blood. When kidn...Read More

Causes of Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

What causes low blood pressure after or during dialysis? Low blood pressure also can be called Hypotension which refers to the decreased impact on blood vessel wall. Low blood pressure is the most common complication of dialysis and also on...Read More

Safe Foods to Eat while on Dialysis

Many ESRD patients come to our website to look for safe foods to eat while on dialysis, as what they eat affects their life expectancy directly. This is the reason why kidney failure patients are always asked to make diet changes. Well, wha...Read More

What Can Patients on Dialysis Take to Prevent Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common symptom for patients on dialysis. Then, what can patients on dialysis take to prevent diarrhea? What causes diarrhea? To know what causes diarrhea can better suit the remedy to the case. There are several reasons: -Impr...Read More

Will Dialysis Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among kidney failure patients and some of them find this problem becomes more seriously after they start dialysis. Why is this? Will dialysis cause hair loss? Kidney is responsible for filtering blood and this...Read More

Does Dialysis Treatment Damage Kidneys

Dialysis is one common life-sustaining therapy for innumerable people with end stage renal disease (ESRD), also known as kidney failure. However, living with dialysis treatment, some patients find their kidney function still declines. Does...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Be Cured After Dialysis

Can kidney failure be cured after dialysis? Dialysis is the most commonly used medical method for kidney failure, so many people have the doubt that if kidney failure will be cured after dialysis. What is dialysis? For kidney failure patien...Read More