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The Easy Ways to Check Whether Your Kidney is Under Normal Condition

2014-09-06 07:08

As we all know if you want to know whether you are got with some disease, you need to see the doctor and do some tests, that costs too much time and energy. So some people always said i have no time or money to do it, thus miss the best time to cure the disease. Next, i will share you some easy ways to check whether your kidney is under normal condition, so as to help people save their time and money to find the disease earlier.

1. Edema: after you get up, have a look whether your eyelid or face are swelling, if they are, pay attention to it. The swelling will aggravate if you are tired, and become better after have enough rest. If the edema is serious, it will appeared in the lower part of body, such as foot or legs.

2. Backache: if there are no clear reasons for lower back pain, you need to go to the hospital and make further diagnosis.

3. Urine at night: usually, before people up to 60, they are almost no urine or just one or two times at night. If the times of urine is frequently, you need to pay attention to it.

4. Foam urine: that is bubbles in urine and they are hard to disappear, that means the protein leakage.

5. The color of urine changes: if your urine color is different with the normal color, such as become dark and smell bad, you need to see the doctor.

The normal volume of urine should be 1500ml/day, 4-8 times/day. If there are no high fever, sweating excessively or drinking too much water, but your urine volume increases rapidly, that may indicator there are some wrong in your kidney.

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