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What Tests Should CKD Patients Have

2013-09-07 13:57

What Tests Should CKD Patients HaveChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a kidney disease which can threaten life all the time. However, little obvious symptoms are caused at its early stage, but through lab tests, kidney damage can be detected. So many people may have the curiosity: what tests should CKD patients have?

Here I will introduce the major methods that are used for CKD patients.

Routine Urine test

In urine test, patient with CKD may have the result that the protein level is higher than its normality, or there are red cells in the urine.

Blood test

High levels of creatinine and urea may appear in the blood test, and this is because the kidney function of filtering wastes is damaged. Anemia may be found in the test, and hypoproteinemia may also occur.

Renal function test

In the renal function test, renal damages may be found. Such as the reduction of renal concentrating function, which may make the increase of urination at night, and the reduction of glomerular filtration rate, which may cause the increase of creatinine and urea level in blood.

Renal biopsy

This method is accurate. Some samples of kidney tissues are taken out, and the damages of kidney can be confirmed soon.

DMSA scan

This test can make sure the kidney’s size, shape and position, thus it can help diagnose the problems of kidney.


Ultrasound uses acoustic wave to produce pictures in computer. It can reflect the condition of kidneys, and the part where is damaged also can be reflected on the picture.

X-ray examination

X-ray can irradiate through our body, and different parts of our body will absorb different amount of x-ray. As ultrasound’ s effect, the changes of kidney’s shape and function can be reflected on pictures.

These methods are not all, but they are common, and there are other approaches that can check kidney condition. If you are interested in CKD, or you have any doubt, you can contact us, and we are glad to exchange experience with you.

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