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Treatment cost

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    Treatment cost in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Accommodation cost:

25$/bed/d*two persons*30d=1500$

32$/bed/d*two persons*30d=1900$

43$/bed/d*two persons*30d=2600$

Caring service cost:


Examination cost:


Externally applied Chinese medicine cost during hospitalization:

Common prescription: about 25$/dosage*4dosagees/d*30d=3000$

Ziche prescription : 36$/dosage*4dosages/d*30d=4300$

During Hospitalization: Oral Chinese Herb Medicine, Foot Bath, and Enema.

Mai Kang 16 $/bottle/day * 30 days = 480 $

Oral Chinese Herb Medicine 1.66 $/dose/day * 30 days = 50 $

Foot Bath 3 $/dose * 2 doses/day * 30 days = 180 $

Enema 1.33 $/dose * 2 doses/day * 30 days = 80 $

Medicated Bath 25 $/dose + nursing fee =36.7 $ 36.7 $ * 8 times =293.4 $

When you leave our hospital, you need to take Chinese Medicines about 3 months or 6 months

according to your own conditions. With those Chinese Medicines at home, your conditions can be improved consistently. The costs are as follows:

Common Prescriptions: Three months $9000 Every dosage is about $25.

Your need to take Chinese Medicines about 90 days. Those Chinese Medicines needs to be taken four dosages a day.

Six months $18000

Zi Che Prescriptions: Three months $12900 Every Dosage is about $36.

Six months $25800

Total Costs

The total costs include Hospitalization costs and Medicines Costs

Medicines Costs: When you leave our hospital, you need to take some medicines home.

Hospitalization costs and Three Month’s Medicines Costs:

Common: About $17584

Better: About $23684

Best: About $24384

Hospitalization costs and Six Month’s Medicines Costs:

Common: About $26584

Best: About $ 37284

The charges of Dialysis and Plasma Exchange don’t included in the above account.

Dialysis: 78.3 $/time

Dialysis + Filtration: 121.6 $/time

High Throughput: 108.3 $/time

HVHF: 121.6 $/time

Hemoperfusion: 332-2 640 $

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