"Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy

1. Function
Detoxification: detoxicating toxic pathogen in viscera.
2. Taking orally to detoxicate
The key to take Chinese medicine orally is to process medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis, make oral capsules or medicinal soup, and take medicines orally to detoxicate phlegm stasis and damp turbidity in viscera.
3. Therapeutic characteristics
Focus on the usage of medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis in order to treat various inflammation and toxic stasis with that function.
Practice has proved the good efficacy....Read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment option for kidney disease patients who still have urine output. It is highly recommended as it has been proven to be able to improve kidney function.
What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not a simple herb, but a medical procedure in which different Chinese herbs are used externally to improve kidney condition. Compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works more effectively and quickly. More importantly, it causes no discomforts and during the whole treatment process, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40 minutes.....Read more

Maikang Composition

Maikang Composition also known as Maikang Mixture, it is a kind of unique medicines of our hospital, it is used to improve the circulation of blood during the treatment of kidney disease. It has used widely for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease for its remarkable curative effect.
The functions of this medicine
It can help to reducing blood fat, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging, improve the blood rheology indexes, enhance immunity, promote the synthesis of serum proteins and nucleic acids, anti-inflammatory and so on......Read more

Foot Bath Therapy

1. Function
Stimulating original qi: stimulating original qi in kidney meridian.
2. Stimulating original qi by foot bath
Stimulate original qi in kidney meridian and eliminate toxic pathogenic factors in kidney meridian by immersing feet into the medicinal decoction, which can act on Yongquan acupoint (KI 1) and Taixi acupoint (KI 3). This treatment of foot bath can make original qi in kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin sufficient and flow smoothly to enter into kidney and then the original qi in kidney can be restored....Read more

Special therapies

1.Pathogenesis of TCM


2.Nosogenesis of CKD

Kidney disease is not easy to treat, we need to help patients detect the types of kidney disease, the types and amounts of toxins in the blood, the damaged parts and the damage degree, etc. The accurate diagnosis can be a powerful guarantee for the kidney disease treatment While the accurate dialysis needs the support from the advanced medical inspection equipments which achieve world-class level....Read more

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