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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Have Hyperlipidemia

Why Nephrotic Syndrome patients have hyperlipidemia? Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder marked by tons of protein in urine. Since it is a problem regarding kidney, many patients must have the doubt why they have hyperlipidemia which is an increas...Read More

What Is the Relation between Urinary Infection and Creatinine

o be honest, there is no direct relation between urinary infection and creatinine, but in some cases, frequent urinary infection can cause elevation of creatinine level in blood by affecting kidney condition. Kidney takes charge of excreting...Read More

Peritoneal Dialysis and Throwing Up

Patient: Is there any link between peritoneal dialysis and throwing up? My mom has kidney failure and is on dialysis. Recently, she has been vomiting a lot. Why is this? What he feels like wanting to throw up? Doctor: Is there any link betw...Read More

What to Expect with Kidney function 10%

Hey, thanks for leaving us message. We are so sorry to hear your son is suffering. How is his illness condition? Hope he feels better now....Read More

My Dad Refuse to Receive Treatment with Kidney Failure

Patient: My dad has kidney failure. He is refusing treatment. What should I expect? Doctor: Hi, so sorry to hear your dad is suffering. You know kidney failure is deadly, so your dad must receive treatment for the safety of life. What is yo...Read More

What to Do with Minimal Change Disease (MCD)

Minimal Change Disease is a kidney problem that causes Nephrotic Syndrome easily. In many cases, patients suffer from MCD due to disorder of immune system or low immunity. Under such a condition, aside from protecting residual kidney functi...Read More

Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

When your illness condition get stable, you can receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at home with doctor’s instructions and followings, but the precondition is that you need to come to China for treatment and observation firstly....Read More

Can I Consume Acetaminophen If I Have Nephrotic Syndrome

Because of low immunity, Nephrotic Syndrome patients are more likely to suffer from cold, cough and infection. Any of them may cause the relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome. In this condition, patients need to take medications to avoid complicatio...Read More

Is It Possible for One to Get Off Dialysis with Kidney Failure

Hey,thanks for emailing us. I am so sorry to hear your father is suffering. Dialysis is helpful for people whose kidneys have completely failed, but it does not mean they can not live without dialysis. In some cases of kidney failure, impaired kidney ...Read More

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