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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Why Does Skin Get Darker on Dialysis Patient

Question : My boyfriend is a dialysis patient. He started dialysis at 17 and now he is 35. My boyfriend is light skinned and I have noticed that certain areas are getting darker. Why is this? Answer : Dialysis is required when kidneys fail...Read More

Ketosteril and Lasix, Swelling in Tummy and Feet

Question: My mother has heart problems. She used to have swelling in her tummy and feet, but she is taking lasix and ketosteril so now there is no sign of swelling. What is ketosteril for? Answer: Ketosteril is often used to lower down seru...Read More

3 Dialysis in 5 days, Creatinine 5.5, Can Kidney Function Normally Again

Question: My Aunty is 66 years old. She got 3 dialysis in last 5 days. Now creatinine is 5.5. Does she have both kidneys damaged or one? Will her kidneys function normally again? Answer: As you said she has done 3 dialysis in last 5 days, s...Read More

Diabetes, Creatinine 4.5: Is There Any Treatment Aside from Dialysis

Question : My father-in-law who is 77 has diabetes for quite some time. He is now having creatinine 4.5. Doctor said dialysis will be needed soon, but he does not want to go for dialysis at all? Is there any other treatment aside from dialy...Read More

Must I Do Dialysis with Creatinine Level 3

Question: I am detected with creatinine level 3. I am advised for peritoneal dialysis. Is it must to do? Can I live with out any dialysis? Answer: Hi, dialysis is not a must now as your creatinine level 3 is not high enough to require dialy...Read More

What to Take for Leg Pain that Dialysis Patients Have

Question: What can my mother take for her constant leg pain? She is a dialysis patient and goes 3 days a week. She takes a lot of tynol which is not good for her. Do you have any other suggestions? Answer: Firstly, Id like to ask do you kno...Read More

Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Nausea: What To Do to Ease it

Question: My husband is diagnosed with sage 4 kidney failure. He is constantly getting nausea. Is there anything I can give him to help ease that? Thanks a lot. Answer: Nausea is a common complain among people who are living with stage 4 ki...Read More

Is Vegetable Protein Easier on Kidneys

Hey, thanks for trusting us and leaving us message. How is your husband now? Hope he feels better. You asked if vegetable protein is easier on the kidneys. As for this question, I’d like to say “No, compared with vegetable protein, anemi...Read More

How to Lessen Creatinine and Stop Dialysis

I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from kidney failure and dialysis. The following is the answer about how to lessen creatinine and stop dialysis, hope it is helpful for you....Read More

Is Ramipril Contraindicated for ESRD Patients

Patient: I am an ESRD patient with creatinine 5.6mg/dl. Is ramipril contraindicated for me? Doctor: Ramipril is often recommended to decrease high blood pressure. But not all patients are suitable to take ramipril. Especially when the patie...Read More