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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Creatinine 1.3 with Serious Symptoms: What to Do in This Condition

QUESTION: I recently had a Cat-Scan with contrast, and my kidneys are not functioning properly. My creatinine is up to 1.3, not too high but my first time. I have ringing in my ears and severe dizziness and confusion, edgey and sleepless. C...Read More

How can I Know If the Kidney Cyst is Ruptured

Question: I have kidney cysts in my kidneys, and the biggest one is 7 cm on right. Now I feel pain and pressure in the area of the cysts, should I go to the hospital to have it checked? And how can I know if the kidney cyst is ruptured? Ans...Read More

What Diet would be Taken by Kidney Patient with High BP and Diabetes

QUESTION: What diet would be taken by kidney patient with high BP and diabetes ? ANSWER: I received this question from a kidney disease patients, who have both high blood pressure and diabetes. As we know, high blood pressure and diabetes a...Read More

Can it be Cured for 32 Years Diabetes and Creatinine Level 1.38

Patient: My mother was suffering from diabetes for 32 years and now her creatinine level is 1.38 mg/dl. Can it be cured for her condition? Doctor: I get your question from my assistant. Your mother has diabetes for 32 years, and diabetes is...Read More

Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease Patients to Improve Blood Circulation

Question: My father has been on dialysis for many years, and he has a bad blood circulation problems. I want to get some informations for medicated bath or foot bath which can help improve the blood circulation. Answer: From your descriptio...Read More

Natural Ways to Prevent the Kidney Cysts from Growing for PKD

QUESTION: I am in stage 3 polycystic kidney disease which is inherited from my mother, and my creatinine level is higher than the normal level. Can you tell me some natural ways to prevent the kidney cysts from growing and increase the crea...Read More

Is Stage 5 Kidney Failure the Same as 5% Function

QUESTION: Is stage 5 kidney failure the same as 5% function? ANSWER: The exact answer is absolutely no, but 5% kidney function means the patients are in stage 5 kidney failure. Kidney failure is a condition with the kidney function graduall...Read More

What can Cause My Kidney Disease with Creatinine 1.7 or 1.9

QUESTION: I am just found today I have high creatinine level, which is either 1.7 or 1.9, but I dont know why I have kidney disease. I have high blood pressure, and it is well controlled with medicines. I also have some other diseases, and...Read More

What Should My Mother Do with Diabetic and High Creatinine Level

QUESTION: My mother is diabetic and taking insulin, and she was lately found high in creatinine level, can you tell me what does high creatinine level mean? And in my mothers condition, can you give some advices to take for her? ANSWER: I g...Read More

How can I Know that I am in stage 3 Kidney Failure

Question: How can I know that I am in stage 3 kidney disease? Answer: Chronic kidney disease is the most common kidney disease, and we often divide CKD into 5 stages, stage 3 kidney disease means the kidney function has been moderately redu...Read More