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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What is Your Option to Lower My Creatinine 7.2 Aside from Dialysis

Guest 09-24 06:14:37 I have a big problem with my kidney and I dont know what to do dialysis any more. kidney-expert 09-24 06:15:07 Do you know your creatinine level? Guest 09-24 06:16:49 Yes, I just had my levels last Thursday, it was a 7....Read More

How Can I Get This Product in Situation of CKD and Creatinine 8.5

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:26:08 How can I get this product, I am from Bangladesh. kidney-expert 09-23 21:26:20 Do you have kidney disease? Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:32:43 Yes, I am CKD patient, and my creatinine is 8.5. kidney-expert 09...Read More

What Remedy Do You Suggest For Me with Creatinine 272 and GFR 14

Visitor 09-22 22:10:55 Hi, I have creatinine level of 272 and GFR of 14. What remedy do you suggest? kidney-expert 09-22 22:11:07 Your creatinine level is too high, and the GFR shows your are in the stage 5 kidney disease which is also call...Read More

Is There Any Possibility That Kidney Will Recover After Dialysis

American Visitor 09-19 19:26:22 Is there any possibility that kidney will recover after dialysis? kidney-expert 09-19 19:26:35 That depends on patients correct illness conditions. How long have you been on dialysis? American Visitor 09-19 1...Read More

Can You Explained More About Chinese Therapy

Patient 09-17 21:24:09 I want to know more about Chinese therapy. kidney-expert 09-17 21:24:44 OK. Chinese therapy is a traditional medicine in China, which has develop and practiced for thousands of years. Now, it combined with modern medi...Read More

Is Protein in Urine 3+ Reversible and What Shall I Do Next

America Patient 09-16 05:32:24 I have protein leak in urine 3+ and urea nitrogen above normal range by a few point. I have both condition since 2010. Now the leak is increased from trace in 2010 to 3+ in 2017. What shall I do next? Is it re...Read More

Can My Aunt Refuse Dialysis at Creatinine 9.1

Guest 09-13 15:32:16 Hi, my aunt is suffering from end stage renal disease. Her creatinine level is 9.1. She is obese. She refuse dialysis. renal-onlinedoctor 09-13 15:32:31 Do you know what cause her kidney damage? Guest 09-13 15:33:50 She...Read More

Can Creatinine 3.02 be Reversed in Diabetic Patients

Guest 09-11 14:02:21 Hi, I am a type to diabetic 46 years female. Had a Test done this week. My creatinine was 3.02. Is this kidney failure? Do I need dialysis? Can this be reversed? kidney-expert 09-11 14:03:04 You dont need dialysis now....Read More

Could It be Possible to Stop Dialysis in A Short Period of Time

Guest 09-07 10:19:36 I am newly dialysis patient, I just want to know that if a dialysis patient is undergoing dialysis , could it be possible to stop it in a short period of time ? I mean, if the his condition is good , do he needs to cont...Read More

How to Reduce My Creatinine at 407

Patients: Hello. My creatinine is 407 (4.7). So, what should I do to reduce it? And thanks. Kidney Doctor: OK. I see. Your creatinine level is higher than normal. Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Patients: No I dont have blood p...Read More