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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What is Opinion of My Husband with Creatinine 8.7 and No Dialysis

Guest 09-25 14:44:12 My husbands creatinine is 8.7 and bun is 79 not on dialysis yet. kidney-expert 09-25 14:45:03 So high. Does he have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem? Guest 09-25 14:45:35 Yes all of the above along with m...Read More

Is There Any Treatment For A 4 Years Girl with Nephrotic Syndrome

Visitor 09-18 02:57:00 Hi, I want to know if this treatment is really effective, we have a 4 year old girl, she was diagnosed 9 months ago with nephrotic syndrome. And now they want to give here more medicines, but we dont like this. We wan...Read More

What is Your Suggestion about Kidney for One in Dialysis

Patients: Hello, Sir. My husband is a kidney failure patient. He is under dialysis now. What is your opinion? Doctor: In kidney failure patients, there must be a lot of toxins and wastes depositing in blood and then the deposition of toxins...Read More

How Can You Help My Mother with Kidney Problem

kidney-expert 08-29 00:13:24 Hi, Im a true online doctor, not a robot. Feel free to type your question and get free help. No consultation fee! Guest 08-29 00:29:53 First of all, I would like to say thanks for providing online help for free....Read More

What is Your Option to Lower My Creatinine 7.2 Aside from Dialysis

Guest 09-24 06:14:37 I have a big problem with my kidney and I dont know what to do dialysis any more. kidney-expert 09-24 06:15:07 Do you know your creatinine level? Guest 09-24 06:16:49 Yes, I just had my levels last Thursday, it was a 7....Read More

How Can I Get This Product in Situation of CKD and Creatinine 8.5

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:26:08 How can I get this product, I am from Bangladesh. kidney-expert 09-23 21:26:20 Do you have kidney disease? Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:32:43 Yes, I am CKD patient, and my creatinine is 8.5. kidney-expert 09...Read More

What Remedy Do You Suggest For Me with Creatinine 272 and GFR 14

Visitor 09-22 22:10:55 Hi, I have creatinine level of 272 and GFR of 14. What remedy do you suggest? kidney-expert 09-22 22:11:07 Your creatinine level is too high, and the GFR shows your are in the stage 5 kidney disease which is also call...Read More

Is There Any Possibility That Kidney Will Recover After Dialysis

American Visitor 09-19 19:26:22 Is there any possibility that kidney will recover after dialysis? kidney-expert 09-19 19:26:35 That depends on patients correct illness conditions. How long have you been on dialysis? American Visitor 09-19 1...Read More

Can You Explained More About Chinese Therapy

Patient 09-17 21:24:09 I want to know more about Chinese therapy. kidney-expert 09-17 21:24:44 OK. Chinese therapy is a traditional medicine in China, which has develop and practiced for thousands of years. Now, it combined with modern medi...Read More

Is Protein in Urine 3+ Reversible and What Shall I Do Next

America Patient 09-16 05:32:24 I have protein leak in urine 3+ and urea nitrogen above normal range by a few point. I have both condition since 2010. Now the leak is increased from trace in 2010 to 3+ in 2017. What shall I do next? Is it re...Read More