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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Is Chinese Osmotherapy Available in Pakistan

I am 35 years old and suffering from life-threatening genetic disease PKD.I heard that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help us, so i want to know can we get this treatment in Pakistan?...Read More

How to Treat Hydronephrosis in Kidney Cysts

Hydronephrosis is a medical condition characterized by a distension of the kidney caused by a buildup of urine which can not be evacuated through the bladder...Read More

Is It the Time to Take Treatment for Kidney Cyst Patient with Creatinine 1.79

I am a kidney cyst patient and now my creatinine level has up to 1.79 but without any other symptoms. I want to know should i take treatment now ?...Read More

What Treatment is Better than Operation in Treating Cortical Cyst

What treatment is better than operation in treating Cortical Cyst ? According to the latest research, Hot Compress Therapy also known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help patient with Cortical Cyst live better without operation....Read More

Kidney Failure with Creatinine Level 960 Don’t Want to Take Dialysis

One of my relative has got kidney failure and now his creatinine level is 960, the doctor recommend dialysis but he doesn’t want to take it. I am wondering is there any other treatment can help him...Read More

Is Renal Transplant the Best Choice for Kidney Failure Patient

I want to know is this situation suitable for kidney transplant ? Or is there any other treatment can be the alternative treatment of renal transplant ?...Read More

Can Kidney Cysts Cause Blood in the Urine

Can kidney cysts cause blood in the urine ? In fact, blood in urine often appears in those Kidney Cysts patients...Read More

What Stage is Creatinine 2.6 with Kidney Function 18% in Kidney Disease

What stage is creatinine 2.6 with kidney function 18% in kidney disease ? Generally speaking, for kidney disease patient with creatinine level 2.6 they are in stage 3 kidney disease...Read More

Can ESRD Cause Confusion and Hallucinations

Can ESRD cause confusion and hallucinations ? End-Stage Renal Disease remains less renal functions, in this stage many symptoms will appear...Read More

Will Cold Affect Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patient

Will cold affect stage 3 kidney disease patient ? Actually, for patient with stage 3 kidney disease, they should prevent the factors like cold which may increase the creatinine level and speed up the progression of this disease...Read More