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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

If Creatinine Level of Kidney Disease Patient Shows 4.5 Is It Bad

If creatinine level of kidney disease patient shows 4.5 is it bad ? Actually, in clinic creatinine 4.5 is in stage 3 kidney disease, with timely treatment it can be controlled well, so it is not very bad...Read More

What Treatment is Helpful for Treating Medical Bilateral Kidney Cysts

What treatment is helpful for treating Medical Bilateral Kidney Cysts ? It is known that Kidney Cysts is not serious kidney disease, when the cyst is below 3cm, there is no obvious symptoms, therefore there is no need to accept any treatment...Read More

How Can Kidney Disease Patient Reduce Their Heart Risk

As a kidney disease patient how to reduce your heart risk is very important for controlling the disease, with good control of your disease you can have a longer and better life...Read More

Is Heart Attack Related with Chronic Kidney Disease

Is heart attack related with chronic kidney disease ? CKD is a serious problem that can be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical conditions...Read More

Kidney Cyst 4.5cm How to Prevent It from Growing Bigger

How to prevent kidney cysts from growing bigger ? Generally speaking the kidney cysts (benign) not need to be removed as long as the patient has no other symptoms, but once the cysts is bigger than 4.5 cm it will bring some symptoms and make...Read More

I am Undergoing Dialysis and My Creatinine Level is 12 How Can I Lower It

I have undergone dialysis for 10 sessions but my creatinine level is still high up to 12, how can I lower it ?...Read More

Minimal Change Disease What are the Causes and How to Treat It

Minimal Change Disease is a kidney disorder that can lead to nephrotic syndrome, so we should take measures to prevent it from worsening. Then how to treat this disese and what are the underlying causes of this disease ?...Read More

How Can Kidney Disease Affect the Digestive System

How can kidney disease affect the digestive system ? You know kidney disease will cause many complications and symptoms, moreover, it can affect the digestive system...Read More

Kidney Disease with Less than Half Kidney Function Is Renal Transplant the Best Choice

his a kid and his just 7 years old but the doctor told us that his kidney function is lower than 50% and recommend him to take renal transplant. Can you give us some advice ?...Read More

How Can Patients Get Rid of Their Kidney Cyst

How can patients get rid their kidney cyst ? It is known that kidney cyst may regrowth after removing. What’s worse, with those cysts grown bigger and bigger, it will press the kidneys and other organs and bring some serious symptoms and c...Read More