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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

If There Another Option for A Creatinine 11 Patient to Avoid Dialysis

India Guest 09-02 16:05:29 Patient age is 65 years. Now, I want to know, is it possible to decrease the level creatinine which is 11. kidney-expert 09-02 16:05:37 Yes. Generally speaking, dialysis is wildly used to lower the creatinine leve...Read More

Why Creatinine Level Increased with Regular Medicine and Diet Control

kidney-expert 08-31 16:24:17 Hi, Im a true online doctor, not a robot. Feel free to type your question and get free help. No consultation fee! American Visitor 08-31 16:28:30 Creatinine level was 4.3. So consulted nephrologist. He prescribe...Read More

Can I Recover My Kidney to Normal

Doctor: How are you? Patient: This time OK. Fine, thanks. I am dialysis people. I got kidney disease. Are you working Dr from shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital? Doctor: Yes. I am a assistant of renal doctor. How many years do you have di...Read More

What to Do for My Sister to Refuse Dialysis

India Visitor 08-29 03:46:17 Hi, my sister creatinine level is 5. And 3 times dialysis has been done. We dont want to do dialysis again. What to do now? kidney-expert 08-29 03:46:59 It is very high. India Visitor 08-29 03:47:00 After dialys...Read More

How to Get Rid Off this Dialysis Stage

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:37:33 Hello, my father age is 67 years old and he is facing kidney failure since he is doing dialysis twice in a week. kidney-expert 08-28 01:37:50 How long has he been on dialysis? Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:38:04 2 ye...Read More

What Diet Meal Plan Can You Suggest to Make My Creatinine Low

kidney-expert 08-26 17:53:52 Hi, Im a true online doctor, not a robot. Feel free to type your question and get free help. No consultation fee! Bahrain Visitor 08-26 17:55:43 Hi. What diet meal plan can you suggest for me to be able to make...Read More

Alternative Solution to Dialysis for Renal Failure Patients

Guest 08-24 15:15:13 My father under going renal failure and doing dialysis thrice a week. renal-onlinedoctor 08-24 15:15:25 His age? Guest 08-24 15:15:30 Am looking for alternative solution. renal-onlinedoctor 08-24 15:15:35 How long has h...Read More

Would You Tell Me about Chinese Herbs for Treatment of FSGS

New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:04:19 Would you tell me about Chinese herbs for treatment of FSGS? kidney-expert 08-23 11:04:21 Yes. kidney-expert 08-23 11:04:36 Chinese herbs treatments includes Toxin-Removing Therapy, Oral Herbal Chinese Thera...Read More

What are the Main Causes of Kidney Disease

Ghanaian Visitor 08-22 17:12:02 What are the main causes of kidney disease? kidney-expert 08-22 17:12:10 Generally speaking, there are so many factors can lead to kidney disease, like bad environment, diabetes, hypertension, systemic lupus...Read More

What is the Treatment for Creatinine 6.3

Indian Guest 08-19 01:10:08 Sir, what is the treatment for creatinine 6.3? kidney-expert 08-19 01:10:19 Does the patient has diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem? Indian Guest 08-19 01:11:05 He has diabetics and blood pressure bu...Read More