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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What is the Condition of Creatinine 2.89

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:38:30 My father is diabetic patient. And his serum creatinine is 2.89. kidney-expert 07-23 17:38:37 It is high, your father should take a treatment to reduce the creatinine level timely. kidney-expert 07-23 17:38:4...Read More

Is There Any Way For My mother Feel Better

Indian visitor 07-22 02:41:51 Dear sir, yesterday when my mother start dialysis, the blood clot. kidney-expert 07-22 02:42:01 Do you know what cause the kidney damage? Indian visitor 07-22 02:42:30 Yes. We started dialysis last two months....Read More

Can you Explained for Medical Chinese Osmotherapy

American visitor 07-20 17:25:02 Hi Sir. My father was failure for 2 kidneys. Dialysis treatment is running for 1year. kidney-expert 07-20 17:25:25 I see. kidney-expert 07-20 17:25:30 Any discomforts now ? American visitor 07-20 17:25:44 Can...Read More

How to Stop Protein Leakage

Guest 07-19 11:57:41 I am having protein leakage. Guest 07-19 11:58:00 My friend from China sent your link. kidney-expert 07-19 11:58:21 Any symptoms now? like swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc Guest 07-19 11:58:38 Back pai...Read More

How Failed Kidney Can be Repaired Again

Pakistani visitor 07-18 01:46:26 Hello, doctor. I have a question that how failed kidney can be repaired again? If kidney below 15% GFR, which treatments are suggested in this case? kidney-expert 07-18 01:46:48 OK kidney-expert 07-18 01:46:...Read More

Should I Go for Dialysis at Creatinine 6

Canadian Guest 07-17 20:38:45 Hello, my creatinine is 6, should go for dialysis? kidney-expert 07-17 20:39:11 It is too high. kidney-expert 07-17 20:39:16 We can help you avoid dialysis. And we have alternative treatments. kidney-expert 07-...Read More

How Much Would I Cost for Your Treatment

Indian visitor 07-15 10:54:09 How much would I cost if I go to China for your treatment? renal-onlinedoctor 07-15 10:54:18 That depends on your illness conditions. Do you know what is your creatinine level? Indian visitor 07-15 10:54:47 It...Read More

What Should We Do For Foamy Urine

kidney-expert 07-13 13:28:10 What can I do for you? English visitor 07-13 13:28:25 My mom had CKD problem from 7 months. kidney-expert 07-13 13:28:39 Do you know her creatinine level now? English visitor 07-13 13:29:22 At first her creatini...Read More

What Do You Suggest is the Best Treatment for My Sister

Australian visitor 07-12 13:10:13 Hi, my sister is having Membranous Glomerulonephritis condition with 24 hour protein in urine of 11.7 g. Her creatinine levels is 0.6. What do you suggest is the best treatment for her? Australian visitor 0...Read More

How Long Does the Patient Have to Live in Such A Situation

American visitor 07-10 12:00:45 Creatinine Level of 5 with Polycystic Kidney Disease and opting for no treatment, how long does the patient have to live in such a situation? kidney-expert 07-10 12:01:43 5 is too high. kidney-expert 07-10 12...Read More