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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Should I Take Treatments in GFR 68

Guest 08-16 02:26:46 My GFR is 68 and I am 43, should I take treatments? kidney-expert 08-16 02:27:04 Do you have has diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem? Guest 08-16 02:29:12 My blood pressure was 126/84 today and that is norma...Read More

Natural Solutions to My Father with CKD

Canadian Visitor 08-14 08:03:03 Hello. kidney-expert 08-14 08:03:08 Hi. kidney-expert 08-14 08:03:08 What can I do for you? Canadian Visitor 08-14 08:03:54 Just looking to get information about my dad. He has been diagnosed with CKD. Lookin...Read More

I Would Like to Know More About Chinese Medicine

Guest 08-13 15:20:18 I would like to know more about Chinese medicine. renal-onlinedoctor 08-13 15:20:33 Are you the patient or student? Guest 08-13 15:21:45 My creatinine is 9. renal-onlinedoctor 08-13 15:21:48 Any symptoms now? like foamy...Read More

How Much It Cost for Osmotherapy for kidney disease

Philippine Guest 08-12 03:01:20 Hi, how much does it cost for treatment osmotherapy for kidney disease? kidney-expert 08-12 03:01:23 That depends on patients disease condition. kidney-expert 08-12 03:01:36 Do you know what is your creatinin...Read More

How Can I Restore Kidney Disease

kidney-expert 08-11 12:50:27 Do you have kidney disease? Cambodia Visitor 08-11 12:50:48 Yes, now Im facing on kidney disease. How can I restore it? kidney-expert 08-11 12:51:39 When did you get diagnosed? Cambodia Visitor 08-11 12:52:42 Ju...Read More

What is Your Advice for Me in Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Greek visitor 08-10 08:13:16 I am stage 3 kidney failure and have just read bananas are bad for me I have been eating them daily with my Weetabix some times two a day. I am not one of my doctors best patients. And I am diabetic too 18 years...Read More

How Do We Treat Itchy Skin with Creatinine 9.2

Guest 08-08 08:37:02 How do we treat itchy skin ? kidney-expert 08-08 08:37:05 How long do you have the problems? Do you have any illness history such as hypertension, diabetes or infection? Guest 08-08 08:37:21 Past couple weeks now. kidne...Read More

How Do I Stop the Bubbles in My Urine

Guest 08-07 21:52:10 How do I stop the bubbles in my urine? kidney-expert 08-07 21:52:17 How long have you found the symptom? Guest 08-07 21:52:45 For some time now. kidney-expert 08-07 21:53:10 Do you have any other symptoms? swelling, fat...Read More

Does She Have Other Options to Kidney Disease Except Dialysis

Indian Visitor 08-06 20:34:02 My mom has been told she is in stage 4 kidney disease. She had said she will never go on dialysis. Does she have other options? kidney-expert 08-06 20:34:14 Does she has diabetes, high blood pressure, or other...Read More

Are There Any Alternative Treatments for Kidneys Other Than Dialysis

American Visitor 08-05 08:29:11 Are there any alternative treatments for kidneys other than dialysis? kidney-expert 08-05 08:29:30 Yes. Do you know what is your creatinine level ? American Visitor 08-05 08:30:26 Im asking for a friend who h...Read More