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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

How Do We Treat Itchy Skin with Creatinine 9.2

Guest 08-08 08:37:02 How do we treat itchy skin ? kidney-expert 08-08 08:37:05 How long do you have the problems? Do you have any illness history such as hypertension, diabetes or infection? Guest 08-08 08:37:21 Past couple weeks now. kidne...Read More

How Do I Stop the Bubbles in My Urine

Guest 08-07 21:52:10 How do I stop the bubbles in my urine? kidney-expert 08-07 21:52:17 How long have you found the symptom? Guest 08-07 21:52:45 For some time now. kidney-expert 08-07 21:53:10 Do you have any other symptoms? swelling, fat...Read More

Does She Have Other Options to Kidney Disease Except Dialysis

Indian Visitor 08-06 20:34:02 My mom has been told she is in stage 4 kidney disease. She had said she will never go on dialysis. Does she have other options? kidney-expert 08-06 20:34:14 Does she has diabetes, high blood pressure, or other...Read More

Are There Any Alternative Treatments for Kidneys Other Than Dialysis

American Visitor 08-05 08:29:11 Are there any alternative treatments for kidneys other than dialysis? kidney-expert 08-05 08:29:30 Yes. Do you know what is your creatinine level ? American Visitor 08-05 08:30:26 Im asking for a friend who h...Read More

Would the Patients in Stage 3 Kidney Disease Only Have Fatigue

kidney-expert 08-04 22:14:59 Is there any one with kidney problem? Canadian Visitor 08-04 22:15:34 I am 54 and GFR of 42, I have had severe fatigue as the only symptom that I really can tell. kidney-expert 08-04 22:15:55 Do you have any ill...Read More

What A Creatinine Serum Level of 1.08 Means

American Guest 08-03 08:23:52 What does a creatinine serum level of 1.08 mean? kidney-expert 08-03 08:24:12 Are you the patient ? American Guest 08-03 08:24:29 Yes. kidney-expert 08-03 08:24:49 Dont worry, creatinine 1.08 is in the normal r...Read More

How Can I Receive the Medicine from You

Indian Visitor 08-02 20:16:30 My blood urea is 83 my creatinine is 3.5. My uric acid is also high. I am suffering from diabetes high BP thyroid disease. Kindly let me know how can I receive the medicine from you what is the cost of medicine...Read More

What Kidney Number 15 Means

Guest 08-01 05:39:08 My kidney number is 15. What that means? kidney-expert 08-01 05:39:42 It shows that your kidney is damaged badly and can not work well to keep balance the internal environment. Have you started dialysis? Guest 08-01 05:...Read More

Any Tips for the Bruising on the Arm from Hemodialysis

Canadian Guest 07-31 00:25:32 Any tips for the bruising on the arm from hemodialysis? kidney-expert 07-31 00:25:42 Yes. You symptom is the side effect of hemodialysis. You can smear some medicine on arm and massage the arm to relieve it aft...Read More

Where Can I Get Chinese Medicine

American Guest 07-30 04:50:34 My mom is in stage 3 with 32% failure. Where can she get this treatment? renal-onlinedoctor 07-30 04:50:41 We can help her improve the renal function and avoid dialysis. But, she needs to come to China for our...Read More