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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

What Are The Action Treatments for Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Visitor 12-04 07:40:03 Hi! What are the active treatments? Thank you! kidney-expert 12-04 07:40:13 It depends on illness condition. What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Visitor 12-04 07:40:44 Stage 4 Kidney disease. kidn...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine Level Around 2.8 for My Father

Visitor 12-03 20:08:46 Hi, my father creatinine level is around 2.8, how to reduce it? Is consuming millet in place of rice is better? Thanks. kidney-expert 12-03 20:09:01 The diet and treatment entirely depend on his illness conditions. Ge...Read More

Any Medicine I Can Take to Help Restore Function 18% in IgA Nephropathy

Visitor 12-02 14:02:48 My kidney function is about 18%. I have IgA Nephropathy, is there any medicine I can take to help restore some function? kidney-expert 12-02 14:03:17 Your kidney function is low. Kidney function 18% indicates you are...Read More

My Father Have A Suffering With High Creatinine 3.85, What to Do

Visitor 11-29 01:21:28 My father have a suffering with high creatinine 3.85. kidney-expert 11-29 01:21:44 It is above the normal range. Your father is in the stage 3 kidney disease. Please lower the creatinine level as soon as possible. kid...Read More

Is It Possible for Me to Reverse Kidney Damage of Creatinine Level 5

Visitor 11-25 08:43:54 Doctor, is it possible to reverse kidney damage of creatinine level 5? kidney-expert 11-25 08:44:10 Yes. Creatinine level 5 shows the patients are in the end of stage 3 kidney disease, a reversible stage to recover ki...Read More

With Antibiotics Can My Urea 224 and Creatinine 4.74 Be Recovered

Visitor 11-21 15:01:58 My urea is 224 and creatinine is 4.74. and I am suffering from UTI and pnemonia infection. Do you think that with antibiotics it will be recovered or I have to go dialysis? kidney-expert 11-21 15:02:23 Your creatinine...Read More

Can Somebody Reduce Dialysis From 3x to 2x Per Week

Visitor 11-22 12:02:06 Can somebody reduce dialysis from 3 x to 2 x per week? kidney-expert 11-22 12:02:16 It depends on the patients illness condition. Are you the kidney patient? Visitor 11-22 12:03:35 My friend has kidney problem and now...Read More

Other Option Without Dialysis Process for My Sister with Creatinine 6

Visitor 11-21 17:35:15 Actually, my sister got creatinine level of 6. And we dont know what to do right now. I need some suggestions. kidney-expert 11-21 17:35:21 Hello, please do not worry. Your sisters creatinine at 6 shows she is already...Read More

Does Chinese Herbs Available in India market to Help My Father Avoid Dialysis

My father has kidney problem. Diabetic he was for 35 years. Yeah last one year it was like 3.7. Recently it reached 5.5. Urine he is passing. Motion once in 3 days only. He had liver cirrohsis and all became ok. Does Chinese herbs available...Read More

Do You Have Suggestions On What I Can Do to Increase GFR 26

Visitor 11-18 08:10:50 Hi, I just learned today that my GFR is 26 and I am concerned. Do you have suggestions on what I can do to increase GFR? kidney-expert 11-18 08:11:06 26 is too low. It indicates only 26% of your kidney is operating we...Read More