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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

I Want to Regarding Immunotherapy for My Father With Creatinine 9.32

Guest 10-25 17:10:49 My father is suffering from kidney disease. kidney-expert 10-25 17:11:21 What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know? Guest 10-25 17:11:53 Creatinine is 9.32. I want to regarding immunotherapy....Read More

Urea 105.40 and Creatinine 4.74, What Should I Do for My Mom

Visitor 10-29 11:00:14 My mom has a kidney disease. She has high urea and creatinine. kidney-expert 10-29 11:00:41 What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know? Visitor 10-29 11:00:57 Yes. Urea 105.40. Creatinine 4.7...Read More

I Want Second Option to My Husband With Creatinine 7.3

Visitor 10-22 03:18:08 Have a nice day! I want to consult regarding the case of my husband. Just yesterday, he diagnosed Chronic kidney failure, and his creatinine is 7.3mg/dl. According to the doctor, he is end-stage, but he still stable,...Read More

Is It Possible to Reduce Creatinine Level Naturally for My Father

Visitor 10-19 14:23:23 Hello doctor. Is it possible to reduce creatinine level naturally? renal-onlinedoctor 10-19 14:23:30 Yes. Do you know your creatinine level? Visitor 10-19 14:23:49 9.5. renal-onlinedoctor 10-19 14:23:53 Do you have an...Read More

Can I Get Your Advice On Kidney Problem for My Mum with Creatinine 12.9

Visitor 10-18 23:27:36 Can I get your advice on kidney problem? kidney-expert 10-18 23:27:52 Yes, do you know what is your creatinine level? Visitor 10-18 23:33:59 My mom is diabetic patient since 2007. In 2016 creatinine level was 6. In Ma...Read More

What Should I Do for My Father with Creatinine 4.4 and Swelling

Indian Visitor 10-16 03:33:55 My father is having a creatinine 4.4. so, I am worried about his health. kidney-expert 10-16 03:34:05 It is high. And it shows your father is in the stage 3 kidney disease which is near kidney failure. Your fat...Read More

Do I Need to Go Through the Dialysis at Creatinine level 5

Guest 10-11 09:58:32 I have creatinine level 5. kidney-expert 10-11 09:58:41 So high. Guest 10-11 09:58:44 Do I need to go through the dialysis? kidney-expert 10-11 09:58:49 That depends on your illness conditions. If you do not have any ri...Read More

What is the Best Way to Reduce Creatinine 6 for My Mother

Indian Guest 10-10 10:17:22 What is the best way to reduce creatinine? kidney-expert 10-10 10:17:30 Hello, are you the patient? Indian Guest 10-10 10:19:41 I am not a patient kidney-expert 10-10 10:19:50 Who is the patient? Indian Guest 10-...Read More

Can This Treatment Help My Step-dad Recover from Kidney Problem

USA Visitor 10-09 15:45:43 My step-dads kidneys are working at 14%. He also has anemia and high blood pressure. Can this treatment help? renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:46:12 Does he have any other discomforts? Like foamy urine, blood in urine,...Read More

Is It Curable for My Father with Kidney Disease and Creatinine 5.4

Visitor 10-08 00:23:35 Hello. Please are you online all the time or you have a specific time one can reach you? kidney-expert 10-08 00:24:04 On my work time. But you can find a doctor here at all hours. Is there anyone with kidney problem?...Read More