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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Chinese Herbs for Treating Kidney Cyst

In nowadays, Chinese herbs have been used widely in treating Kidney Cysts, and due to their curative effect, they are getting popular around the world. Then, what Chinese Herbs are helpful for treating Kidney Cysts?...Read More

GFR Increased from 50 to 60 Means What

The GFR level increased from 50 to 60, it seems that the disease is going to well side. But in fact, we can not diagnose it like this, because there are many factors can affect the levels of GFR...Read More

Why Chronic Kidney Disease Patients will Get Infertility

According to clinical date, over half of the patients with Chronic Kidney Disease have sexual problems and the severity of it varies from case to case. Infertility is the most serious sexual problem and for Chronic Kidney Disease patients...Read More

The Natural Treatment of PKD

I have developed a polycystic kidney disease, i want to know the natural treatment of this disease. Doctor, can you help me?...Read More

I am on Dialysis but My Creatinine Stays at 8.7: What should I Do

Q: I am a kidney failure patient and on dialysis now, but my creatinine level still stays at 8.7, what should i do?...Read More

Is It Need to Remove All of the Kidney Cysts

It is known that not all of the cysts will grow too big, but some may. What’s worse, with those cysts grown bigger and bigger, it will press the kidneys and other organs and bring some serious symptoms and complications which will affect t...Read More

Kidney Cyst 2.4CM: Need I to Worry It

The recent ultrasound shown there is a cyst in my right kidney, it is 2.4cm, need i to worry about that?...Read More

Creatinine 3.9 and BUN 59 How Serious is It

My test result showed creatinine level 3.9 and BUN 59. How serious is it? Is there any treatment is control it?...Read More

Will Kidney Stone Lead to Kidney Damage

To be frankly, kidney stones are likely to lead to kidney damage, even Renal Failure if people do not treat the kidney stones timely...Read More

When should Kidney Cyst Patient Take Treatment

In general, the simple cysts need not to treat, but the complex cysts need to take treatment earlier, the earlier the better...Read More